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Kill Your Darlings (2013)

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"Yeah I wrote and performed a show with Bill Bowers like two years ago. He let me do a solo too. We got lunch last time I was in New York. I got pretty close to his husband. But I don’t mime anymore."

Things you learn after dating someone for 5 months. I have to beg these small performances out of him. He’s actually a very talented hip hop dancer too LOL but he won’t dance if I’m videoing him :(

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I’m going to sleep at 10:45 & I’m so excited

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Yasuaki Onishi

hot glue art

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crop top movement part II


crop top movement part II

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So hat so chambray so public restroom so college

So hat so chambray so public restroom so college

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Anonymous asked: I meant about you but okay! Yay congrats to him!


Oh… Hmmm about me..

We are just putting the final touches on the literary magazine. It’s pretty good this year, although I can’t wait for next year when I get to be completely in charge as head editor. There will be a release party next month, and I’ll read one of my pieces in front of everyone! So that will be fun and terrifying haha :)

My countdown to France is getting shorter and shorter! I am thinking about going a week early to do some traveling before my internship with this church starts (not my ideal situation for going to France, but I’ll take it I guess).

I got three new books in the mail today! And a documentary.

My mom decided to get off her meds completely so this will be a fun Easter weekend at home! Lolz

I’m so lame, sorry. Nothing too exciting going on in my life. :/

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Anonymous asked: Tell me something new and fun and exciting!!!!


My boyfriend’s brother got a callback for Book of Mormon on Broadway!! Woohoooooo cross your fingers for him!

His odds are looking pretty good because he’s an awesome tap dancer!

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44 & 45/100 photos from my favorite films



44 & 45/100 photos from my favorite films


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